Check Out The Benefits and Types Of Makeup Primer Available

Check Out The Benefits and Types Of Makeup Primer Available

If you are not using makeup primer before the actual foundation and makeup, you are simply not doing your makeup the right way. It is the base of foundation, and it allows your makeup to be smooth and long-lasting. Most of the women skip it because they do not deem it necessary or have the least knowledge about its benefits. Check out the awesome collection makeup primer of Urban Decay Malaysia and choose the best one as per your requirement. It helps to do makeup on oily skin conveniently, blurs out pores and even corrects the skin color complexion.

Sealing Pores – You should use makeup primer before the actual makeup and even before foundation. It helps to seal up your facial pores so that excessive makeup does not cause skin disease. If you are going to use liquid foundation, then you know that even small pores will be visible on your face. Therefore, makeup primer is indispensable as it literally creates a blanket to do makeup. As a matter fact, it can also hide wrinkles and fine lines on the facial skin easily. It can also be used on the eyelids to prevent creasing.

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Softening Effect – Primers smoothens and softens the skin so that the makeup you apply on your skin looks natural and blends perfectly. This helps in controlling the shine, and anyone who touches your face can feel a velvety soft effect. You will feel confident after applying your makeup if you put primer beforehand. You can also carry it for a longer duration of time without worrying about it fading. It is highly essential when you are going to travel a long distance, and your face will be exposed to harsh weather condition on the way.

Compatibility – Most of the makeup primers are non-comedogenic and hence, they do not irritate the skin. Some of them can also be applied to the acne-prone skin. The anti-aging properties are due to some of the ingredients present in it. You will certainly look young due to the disappearance of fine lines. It also decreases sweating and forms a preventive layer against dust and debris. As a matter of fact, a splash of water cannot ruin your makeup anymore. They are easy to apply, and the skin instantly feels lighter. Surprisingly, it is nothing like glue, sticky or greasy.

Types Of Makeup Primer Available –

There is a wide range of collection of makeup primer of Urban Decay Malaysia. The bestseller Optical Illusion Complexion Primer is popular for its instant blurring and ultra-smoothing effect. Your skin will have a velvety soft finish, and your makeup will be flawless. The De-Slick Complexion Primer is perfect for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil for the skin and makes it natural. There is another variant named self-adjusting complexion primer which is best for all skin tone as it can adapt to any skin tone and hides fine lines, pores and controls shine. Apart from these, there are Urban lockdown primers which are limited edition only and the new arrival travel-size optical illusion complexion primer.