Clip In Hair Extensions vs Tape Hair Extensions

The battle is on! Clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions. Which hair extension method is best? Which is more popular? Step by step, let’s break down the positives and negatives between clip in hair extensions and tape hair extensions. Read below to find out the results for clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions.


Clip in hair extensions are the least permanent technique of all the hair extension methods available today. The hair weft has small clips sewn into them. A set of clip in hair extensions will usually have about eight or nine strips that are all placed in different sections of the head. This creates the right amount of body and volume for the person using them.

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1) Comfort + speed + easiness for how they can be applied/removed.

2) A guaranteed value for the weight/thickness.

3) You can adjust the thickness/volume to your needs.

4) Clip in hair extensions are very hair safe meaning no damage can be made to the natural hair follicle once applied.


1) They cannot be worn during sleep. This may cause excessive friction against the already sensitive scalp.

2) Depending on the brand and quality, the clips may move around in the weft causing them to separate from the weft. For incredible results use clip ins from the best hair extensions in the Gold Coast – EH Hair.

3) Clip in hair extensions can be harder to layer to match your hair as each application might be slightly different.


Tape hair extensions are a widely known hair extension technique. They are designed for people who are seeking those extra inches of hair but would like a more permanent method of extension. They come attached with strips of clear double sided tape which is then attached to the base of the weft. These wefts are then taped to the start of the hair at the scalp. This results in a longer lasting method of hair extension.


1) Tape hair extensions can last 7-9 weeks and can be re-applied four times when using high-quality hair extensions.

2) They look very natural and can be styled into your hair easily with no extensive effort involved.

3) If they are applied correctly, they should be a safe form of hair extension for your hair. This is ensuring that you follow the correct care routine for your particular set of tape hair extensions.


1) If they are not applied correctly, they can be messy and not sit secure or flat against the head.

2) Application experience is needed to apply the tape hair extensions.

3) Tape hair extension solvent is needed to remove them. You will normally need two people to complete this process.

Clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions….so who has won? The results are a tie! Clip in, and tape hair extensions are difficult to compare against one another as they both provide completely different benefits and limitations. Thankfully there are two very suitable existing techniques available to cater to everyone’s personal lifestyle and needs.