Men’s Desert Boots

The weather is warming up and it is good to get out of our winter gear and discover some new trends for the warmer weather now. Give your wardrobe a fresh start and invest in some new footwear.It can be confusing with all the new trends and clothing designs out which will suit the season and your style.For one thing, when talking footwear avoid thongs when you are away from the beach and heavy boots are no good and gradually become uncomfortable after being worn only a short time. One shoe that is good for the warmer season that is also light-weight and breathable and that is the popular and fashionable men’s desert boots. The desert boot is a casual design but can still be worn for weddings, interviews or conference meetings.

While sandals are cooler in summer a lot of men prefer closed shoes to sandals like the desert boot that still has a little class to it instead of the laid-back sandal.The desert boot comes in a range of colors so buy a couple of different colors to mix and match with your clothing. They come in classic tones from stone, brown, black and charcoal and more brighter colors like green, red, blue with some offering different prints as well.When buying the desert boot ensure that you look after the suede and keep it protected.Suede will also fade with sunlight so be sure to keep them out of the direct sunlight.Socks shouldn’t be seen with desert boots so if you must wear them, aim for trainer socks as they cover your foot but cannot be seen with shoes on.

Desert boots add character to any outfit and color you are wearing. They are designed and labeled casual. Don’t over think it and try to dress them in fancy formal pants. Throwing on pants that are also casual but offer class will work best with these boots.Longer denim shorts work well with the boots and an oversize cut tee and a piece of statement jewelry like a leather bracelet. Don’t overdo the jewelry just one statement piece is enough, and leather is the look to go for. Chains of gold and silver do not go with the desert boot and will end up making you look confused.

Relax in your style, ruffle your hair a little and change your attitude to be a bit different. In between the white trainers and the most formal shoes out there the desert boots work with 3/4 pants of shorts even denim jeans as well if you get the skinny leg style.A footwear silhouette is essential to finish your look. Your footwear will either make or break your look. Wearing attractive clothing then looking down and seeing you wearing the wrong footwear can just wreck your whole style.

The desert boots have been popularized by Clarks footwear. They know the designs of footwear for in between styles and they certainly know the style for men.