3 cool gifts for friend starting a new job

Everybody deserves a gift. May it be their birthday, or because they have received a new job! Yes. You read that right, a new job. Giving them something memorable and fun to have at their new office may be a little corny, but nevertheless, your friend will appreciate you for making their adult day special!

There are lots of gifts that you know will be useful at the office but looking for something fun is another story! These 3 cool gifts for friend starting a new job will be able to lighten up their mood even if they are in a stressful situation. They will be thankful for having something that can make their boring hours at the office, worth it.

It’s time for your friend to meet Eric The Memo Elephant!

Eric is an Elephant that loves to hang out with everybody, even at the most boring times, in the office. The best part about him is that he’ll let your friend scribble sayings or important messages on his body in order for them to not forget about it. He’s made in smooth, white ceramic which is a perfect surface for them to write on. He only costs £14.95 and he is a totally perfect companion for your best friend and with dimensions of 11.5 x 17 x 11.5 cm, he is the perfect little guy to put in a desk. You will not regret getting Eric for your friend because he just wants someone to recognize his importance. And he thinks that your friend is the perfect candidate.

Small Wheelie Bin to pep up their desks!

This cutie DIY Wheelie Bin is used to make your best friend’s life easier, especially if they are the type to leave small things lying around their desks. It will be the best companion for these sorts of people because they can put anything in this “wheelie bin”. From pencils to lose change. Plus, its surface is writable so it can be a “memo” pad like Eric the Elephant and it comes with its own water soluble pen! Not only can you buy it for your friend, but you can also buy one for yourself, too! It is made from 100% recycled plastic so for only £9.95, this is a perfect gift that your friend never expected. Visit here https://www.luckies.co.uk/.

Take a walk down Memory Lane with the old Memory Box

This memory box is not only used for keeping mementos, but for work-related stuff, too. It is perfect for a person that needs to store every little thing in case it will be needed in the future. If your friend is that type of person, then you might consider grabbing this one for them! A memory box is usually something where you can keep things with sentimental value, but your friend can also use this to store their important files that needs to be the next day. It costs £25.00 but it is totally worth it and it’ll last a lifetime. It is made out of 100% wood and contains 1 x A6 plain notebook, 1 x Square tin (9.5 x 9.5cm), 1 x brown envelope and 1 x screw cap jar with dimensions of 22.8 x 31 x 6 cm. This will be her next best friend at work, aside from you.

These timeless gifts serve also as a reminder for your friend that you care about them and are happy about what they have achieved. All in all, these are also quirky and fun. It will remind them that life is too short to just waste it being in a stressful environment.