Best occasions for silly gifts

They say, there is a gift for every occasion. But what about silly gifts? Are there occasions for them too?

We come across occasion after occasion every year and we have many people to give gifts too. Usually, the gifts form a pattern. We give flowers, accessories, utilities and the people we love keep receiving the same things from us as well as from those around them.

At one point, you realize that it is simply monotonous. How about giving some inappropriate gifts on those special days to someone really close. A gift that would make them break into laughter! You can come up with great ideas to give unconventional gifts. Imagine giving the same gifts but in a funny way, for example, a prescription mug, an exercise block, bacon bandages and many more.

Occasions to gift

Not all occasions can use an inappropriate gift. Sometimes you need to be considerate. Here are some occasions where you can give inappropriate gifts to your loved ones.

1- Birthday

Birthdays are the best occasions to make inappropriate gifts since everyone is jolly and hoping for something surprising in that shining wrap. Sometimes unconventional gifts can last forever in the memory of a loved one.

2- Christmas

The most festive day of the year, Christmas is also a good way to surprise others. You could make your special someone’s day by giving them something to hold on to and smile for a long time to come.

3- Wedding

Weddings happen once in a lifetime between two people. Making a hilarious, clever and memorable gift on this day is a great idea. You can make an ultimate gift only if it is strange, funny and leaves a mark on the memory of your friend or close one.

4- Anniversary

Whether it’s your own anniversary or that of others, anniversaries make for a great day to laugh and since they are a yearly thing that marks the growth of love and dedication, a strange gift on this day will keep the memories fresh every year.

5- Graduation

Graduation is another great occasion for giving gifts, more so, weird gifts. Like weddings, graduations also happen just once and that is why it is necessary to celebrate it with a bang.

While making strange gifts it is also important to remember that you can’t make such gifts for everyone. You can’t make dirty gifts to your parents or kids. However, they are great gifts to be made to bosom friends, close-knit siblings, and spouse. Stop making the same gift year after year and this time do something different and make your gift a hilarious surprise.