To All the Disney Souls

One can’t simply be too old for Disney; and there’s just something engaging about Disney that attracts us all. You could be surrounded by people who think Disney is for kids but you also know that they don’t really agree to it themselves deep inside.

We put our days and nights believing in the perfect realities of Disney movies. Our love and affection for the movies grows so much that at one point we begin to wish for something more than just virtual reality being presented on different sizes of screens.

Then comes a point where we begin our search for real things in the exceptional theme of Disney movies. It’s already unfortunate that we can’t teleport our bodies into the Disney world. Even the greatly praised Disneyland isn’t somewhat enough for souls like ours. But we still keep our eyes out for the perfect Disney merchandise and in the end, we’re unable to decide. But the last chance is always saved as the best chance. Did you just forget that we can customize things in the Disney theme in just the way we want?


I’ll be assuming you too are a Disney-specie. A little too early for making this assumption but it’s still not off the track at least.  We’re a totally different species, guys.  Disney has a whole different universe of its own and this point has the potential to spark a completely new and strong argument here and I think most of you aren’t here to argue.

So, let’s just keep this conversation as sparkly as the Disney world. Here is a collection of some Disney stuff I found through online shopping in Pakistan; where we don’t usually get to see much of Disney merchandise. Wishes: saved!

Disney wall clock; worth a watch!

We all felt like we were in a totally different world when we were introduced to Alice in wonderland, it somewhat made us all question the realities we are living. (Although, this question is already a constant in our lives)

The cat, whose smile was a huge eye-catch, could literally be a perfect idea for a customized wall clock!

I found many amazing ideas for Disney themed wall clock but out of all of them, this one just felt extra right to be shared with you all.

But, of course, Disney is literally a blessing and it has given us a lot more than we can just talk about.

Such a beauty-beasty clock in a room could change room decoration game changer!

Customize your virtual reality gadgets

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true. And here I am, sharing these beautiful ideas for your beautiful Disney collection.

No, I’m not crying. I just have this very deep connection with Disney and it’s just all raging so strongly at the moment.

The scene where Rapunzel finally got to see the lanterns was indeed the most inspiring scene and almost the highlight of the movie. Some of you might disagree and I won’t argue since the entire movie was truly a masterpiece!

Flynn Rider, and since then we stopped looking for a prince. This would make such an adorable yet affordable birthday gift for your partner.

The idea couldn’t be more perfect. Bless the mind that came up with this!

The one Disney princess who chose to be a person she was meant to be, Merida the Bravest.

Which girl hasn’t been inspired by her? She left boys in awe let alone just girls. What a time to own such a bold and inspiring phone case!

Your own Disney book!

Disney souls and notebooks are somewhat connected to some extent. This could even just be an opinion but one thing is for sure, you cannot NOT want to get a Disney themed customized notebook!

In fact, all of us can somehow relate to Dory in one way or another; the way we forget things. Just imagine how sensible the idea would be of keeping a Dory notebook to note down the things you need to remember!

Moreover, the cuteness is a complete plus point!

You all got the reference; the fastest McQueen. It’s not over until lightning strikes then how could the collection end without our very favorite character who believes in running like a Cadillac and stinging like a beamer!


 Disney customized Tees, yes!

The customized world is incomplete without customized clothing. And Shrek, being my most favorite fairytale story, is the best customized t-shirt idea for me because clothing is based on a thing or two about appearances.

And this movie has wonderfully broken the stereotypical beauty standards! It revived the true meaning of love in an exceptional and beautiful way and I couldn’t help but share this idea here.

 Buy graphic tees with all your heartiest desires now because to be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others, first you need to accept yourself!

If you’re now also interested in getting Disney themed customized stuff then here’s a little help.
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