Who to Turn to When You’ve got a troubled marriage?

Every marriage is beautiful at the beginning. Difficulties crop up later on. All along one’s life there will be ups and downs. When people see you go through a tough period, people true to you will stay behind to help. You might feel that they are all that you need to set things right between you and your wife. But your friends and family will always offer biased opinion. Therefore, the best person to turn to for help is a marriage counselor.

Now, why is this one counselor, who’s probably seeing you for the first time better and all those close to you – your family and friends? The answer presents in the question itself! It is because they know you. Your family and friends know you and therefore would be sympathetic. In a marriage, every troublesome situation has two stories: the husband’s and the wife’s. So, when you say your version, your family and friends would stay with you. Similarly, wouldn’t your wife have a set of people who hold her dear? They would stand with her. Now there is a difference of opinion; not just between the two individuals, but between the two families!

This is where a marriage counselor can work his/her magic. The counselor does not personally know either of you and so will not be biased in any way. He/she will be in a better position to judge and help better. Furthermore, a counselor is a person who has dedicated his/her entire life to helping people lead better lives.

Here are a few reasons that should help you identify that it is the right time for you to see a counselor.

  • Silence is a big factor. If you and your partner have stopped talking for quite some time now, then it’s a sign that you are drifting apart.
  • If one of you has started to withhold affection for your partner as a form of punishment, there is a huge imbalance in the relationship that needs immediate resolution.
  • You both live under a roof as a family and not as roommates. So if both of you start living like roommates, it’s high time that you pick an appointment with a counselor.
  • Ask yourself this question: do you have any secrets that you never wish your wife would know? The same goes for the wife too. If you do, then something is just not right between your wife and you.

Basically, if you do not feel that warmth and happiness which you felt at the beginning your journey with him/her, it is best you consult a counselor and fix things before it’s too late and the savable becomes unredeemable.