How People Buy Online Through the Amazon Rebate Club

How People Buy Online Through the Amazon Rebate Club

Do you know how people buy stuff online through the Amazon rebate club? That is, how does someone pass from an online buyer to a buyer with a credit card in hand through theAmazon rebate club? This article describes the stages of the customer’s purchase cycle.

Stages of the purchase cycle

Customers generally go through three main stages when buying a product: research, evaluation, and purchase.

In the research stage, people collect information. They study the product and its characteristics and determine if the product will satisfy their needs or benefit them. Today, with the Internet, customers have unprecedented access to information on thousands of products. Although people can learn about a product from television advertising, advertisements in a magazine or by word of mouth, they usually conduct their research. They can go to the sites of different providers to read and compare the offers of the competing operators.

In the evaluation stage, people decide whether or not to buy the product and what brand and model of the supplier to buy from. Here, people often read expert reviews, compare them side by side, and review them. An Amazon marketer can influence a person at this stage by showing similar products on the market and is a compelling example to buy a brand and a model.

Amazon rebate club

At the purchase stage, the client has completed his research, decided on a particular brand and model, and is ready to buy. Customers at this stage have already decided to buy, and are looking for where they can get their chosen product at the best price. This is the most profitable stage for theAmazon marketers since they are more likely to make a sale, addressing customers at this stage.

Better keywords

Now that we have an idea of ​​how people shop through the Amazon rebate club, we should choose the right keywords that are appropriate for the different stages. Typical keywords that mention products without specific brands, such as “sneakers,” are suitable for customers in the research stage. These people usually gather information about sneakers, see what important functions and what brands are available. Typically, people search at least several times before deciding the product, so it’s unlikely that the Amazon marketers will obtain significant sales for this keyword. These customers are not ready to buy yet.

Better keywords are those that are used for people in the purchase process. Someone who is looking for the “New Balance WR993GL” means this make and model and is about to transition from the buyer to the buyer. It’s likely that the Amazon marketer has greater conversions with this keyword, encouraging the advantages and benefits of this product to strengthen the buyer’s decision and point out where those products are available at good prices. Finally, someone in the buying stage is ready to buy and find where to go. The keywords for people in this stage include “buy product”, “product prices”, and “product sales”.

To be the most profitable, as Amazon marketers, it’s very useful to understand how people buy through Amazon rebate club. The customer purchase cycle gives us guidance on how to target relevant keywords. For more information on the above, you can check out their site here.