Insight about Bracelets and its origin

When people wear a beautiful bracelet it is something beautiful, whether it be a man or a woman. It also reveals part of your personality.

This object was used from time immemorial, technically means bracelet, metal fence, or other matter that is worn on the wrist as adornment or for other purposes.

It is also considered a jewel of fine metal with adherences of gemstones or of fine fantasy, with pearls, corals, etc. Which is put on the wrist.

Also considered bracelet is the decorative element of cylindrical form that is placed in the wrists of the hands, although also some are designed for the ankles or for the arms in that case they are called bracelets and in the majority of the times they are used like badges of Groups or institutions.

For the good wave and energy of prosperity you must choose those that do not have tips, sharp edges and that are of colors “yang” these generate energy of harmony and happiness.

Yang colors are those with a tendency towards red, orange, pink, brown, as well as green, yellow, and yin type should be avoided.

Of course, gold bracelets are the best thing. Not necessarily gold. Currently there are excellent steel bracelets with a special golden bath. This golden bath is not a simple plating, but it adheres and penetrates into the steel or other metal from which the bracelet is made. That is, it supports everyday use.

The colors to avoid are the violets, blue, celestial, black, gray, which give spiritual energy but not material prosperity.

In ancient times, people wore bracelets or bracelets, because they believed in the stars and their relationship to life, especially the Persians and Greeks, whose women wore bracelets on their arms and ankles, the African natives are quite prone to use Of bracelets, made with bones, feathers, seeds, or other material.

The ancient settlers of the pre-Inca cultures of South America, used to use wrists, arms and ankles depending on material (gold) and embedded stones, were considered as a sign of power.

The bracelets in past times were mostly made of gold, which represented the immense economic power of their possessors, for example in the pre-Inca cultures in Peru burials have been found of characters that pre-history dominated part of the South American continent. Among all the types, Bead bracelets are the oldest and most common form.

It has been possible to glimpse and rescue beautiful bracelets made of gold and copper, which are really a fabrication that astonishes the world by its perfection, meticulousness and beauty.

With the passage of time, the bracelets have been evolving and have been manufactured in different ways and with different elements. When the bracelets are attached, they are called slaves, and when they are solid and have a larger cylinder shape, they are called a bracelet (worn on the arm).

At present there is a multiplicity of bracelets, there are people who use bracelets of a certain material and / or colors like those of threads, which is said to attract good luck to its wearer.

In some cultures newborns put a red wristband on their wrists to avoid the evil eye, or the husband gives the wife a bracelet of gold or silver each time a child is born.