The Health and Performance Benefits of Using New-Age Compression Sportswear

From runners and bikers to triathlon enthusiasts, winter sports stars, and weightlifters, athletes are constantly looking for an edge, an advantage, or a leg up on the competition, which is why today’s most fervent competitors rely on compression sportswear day in and day out.

However, if you’ve never assessed the advantages of compression apparel from a scientific point of view, it’s important to gain an introductory understanding of how this modernised sports gear can help take your performance and recovery regimen to the next level.

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The Contemporary Construct

Contrary to popular belief, today’s compression sportswear is comprised of far more than just tight-fitting fabrics. The robust, durable construct of today’s most popular SKINS garments is not only unprecedented and unparalleled; it’s also very easy to understand:

  • Dynamic Gradient Compression (DGC): Antiquated forms of compression apparel were tested exclusively on athletes who were standing still whereas DGC focuses on the relationship between muscular movement and oxygenation. As a result, DGC is able to provide ergonomic, personalised compression for a wide range of muscle groups during sustained physical activity.

  • Engineered Gradient Compression (EGC): Specific parts of your musculoskeletal system require varying amounts of pressure and compression to effectively reinforce venous return, which is why EGC fabrics are tailor-made to account for all of the uniquely shaped muscles in your body, effectively boosting power, speed, and stamina along the way.
  • Warp Knit: In stark contrast to the outdated circular knit that features a natural stretch and meagre tensile strength, warp knit fabrics have no built-in elasticity, which means that the proprietary spandex mix can be augmented to provide varying levels of stretch for different muscle groups. The warp knit makeup also features an inclusive float line between the fabric loops to provide additional moisture-wicking properties.

The Accompanying Health Benefits

A renowned team of researchers that included representatives from the University of Western Australia, Roehampton University, and Western Sydney Area Health found that the human musculoskeletal system responds amazingly well to prolonged, dynamic compression:

  • Increased circulatory function and venous return
  • Expedited elimination of lactic acid and other forms of metabolic waste
  • Augmented muscular oxygenation, which leads to greater endurance
  • Reduced risk of sprains, tears, tweaks, and other injuries as the pressure and firmness bolsters muscular stability
  • Lowered prospect of overheating during persistent physical activity due to proprietary fabrics that are proven to work in all climates and temperatures

As you can see by now, implementing some new-age compression apparel into your athletic routine is the best way to improve your performance capabilities, recovery times, and comfort levels without introducing any supplements or drugs into your system.

The science speaks for itself!