Watches – In vogue

Did you know that the very first watch appeared in 15th century, Europe? Then, there were the spring driven watches, but later, by 1657, there was a marked improvement in the way watches were created. The innovation improved the accuracy of the watches. It resulted in the addition of the minute hand to the face of the watch from around 1680.

The 16th century saw the invention of the wristwatch. Back then it was only the women who wore the wristwatch, more famous as the bracelet watch. Men used the pocket watch, up until the 20th century.

Over the years, the world saw a huge change in the creation of watches. Watches began getting made of a particular trend that caught the fancy of countless fans all over the world. And, with numerous brands making an entry into the market with their creations, the choice for the jewelry increased, too.

Some brands made a place for themselves in the hearts of their admirers. Be it the Rolex or the Patek Philippe Watches watch-lovers from the world over have been offered a wide array of watches to choose from.

Patek Philippe Watches

Trends in timepieces:

Every year in Geneva, a watch fair takes place where watch-lovers from around the world throng to have a look at their favorite brands. The trendiest of watches are put up on display and since it began, this watch fair has become sort of a pilgrimage for watch-lovers from around the world.

Some brands re-launch the classics with a touch of modernity. Sporty watches, or watches with a powerful, masculine traits and even those with the feminine grace are launched and the trend catches up with the public. Every trend that gets introduced finds its fans and the design stays on for a long time.

The Patek Philippe Watches is brand that has been in the market since 170 years. They have been creating new trends and have quite a collection that makes the buyer go weak in the knees! The various trends it showcases are the vintage collection, the classic collection and, yes, the quirky collection, too.

Some of the major watch brands have a million fans all over who keep coming back to them to check out the latest creations by these brands.


Watches have come a long way from the pocket watches of the 16th century. Today, there are a thousand trends to select from. Some of the famous brands bring out a collection of new trends almost every year and it’s like a feast for the eyes just glancing at the exquisite timepieces. Certain trends are such they stay popular for years together and become a rage. Some others return with a new version of their old selves and make their way into people’s hearts.