A Child Is Always A Child

A Child Is Always A Child


There will be nothing different in a person from when they were a child to the time that they become a grown-up. What does that word ‘grown-up’ actually mean? Is it the transition from a baby to an old withering person who is just waiting for someone or something to end their agony of pain and suffering of spending years on the planet with no plausible outcome in sight other than the obvious one? The biological aspect of growing up is the only thing that is left or is there something more to it than that? Growing up could mean that a person acts not their age and we make sure that they keep their tabs on that fact and makes sure that they do act their age with the recurring and constantly reminded by the phrase, ‘grow up.’ If the metaphorical meaning of that phrase was all there is to it, then people would simply act more mature than they are now and everything would be fine and dandy. Growing up has only one real meaning. That is to simply do the right thing and to always strive to find out the truth, or the version that makes the most sense in any given case. We may all start in the babies swing chair but we end up to become doctors and engineers who saves lives and that is the majority of the aspects that we need to consider as growth and in this case, it is plenty.

babies swing chair

The Life Of A Child

We do not think the way we did, twenty years ago and more. That is because our bodies and minds are going through what is called the growth and developmental stage that happens every second we are living and breathing on the planet. That being said not all developmental stages happen at the same time, if that were no true then everyone on this planet would be of the same age and of the same mental status. Some are obvious different than others and most of the time, it is because of the fact that when we are in our babies swing chair and trying to suck every last ounce of goodness from our mothers we are doing one of two things, we are constantly analysing what our lives are going to be one step at a time at a very fast rate, or at a slow rate. That is all there is to it.


There is just the rate of the development and how slow someone or how fast someone has a synchronization with their body and mind and that is all there is to it, mostly.