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Choices Are Man’s Arch Nemesis


We have thoroughly asserted that chairs are the problems to our back and spinal issues and that the only way to solve this problem is by getting ergonomic chairs. This solution will neither hinder the office staff as it will negate their non-productivity ratio due to less back issues and it will also benefit the employer by helping the staff’s morale and making them satisfied. Now as one problem dumbs down, arises another. The problem of choice and comparison with everything associated with it.  Do you go for the well-known brands such as Embody, or Aeron, or Mirra? All of these brands seem to have the more similar statistics and characteristics, so how then can you choose the best one among all the good ones? How indeed. But not to fret, there are a few pointers you can look for when selecting the best ergonomic chair for your liking and tastes and more importantly price.



The design of a chair is very important. This will depend on the type of chair you require and make sure that the base design is what the company are looking for in terms of representing its policies. Nowadays, ergonomic chairs come in various shapes and sizes which means that there are different designs to choose from. The best design of a chair, especially the ergonomic chair is to suit the average employee to the fullest of his or her body’s proportions. This design must also have the aesthetic appeal of what the company represents itself as and in comparison with other chairs there should be a features that makes it shiny among the crowd.

Material Used

The material used for an ergonomic chair has to be synthetic and adhering to the natural and environmental standards that does not cause any backlash with the environmental board. Certain brands such as Embody, Aeron, or Mirra use recycled material that is completely environment-safe and causes no backlash to the company. The material used for the chair will also determine the way the chair feels to be sat in. A more refined material will be comfortable to sit in with the required adjustments for height and postural adjustments, with an addition of heating and vibrating pad (this is optional) to it.


Now comes the big aspect of selecting the best out there, the price. This is very dependent on your personal preference and the company’s budget. If price is a factor then something like the Aeron will suffice.


In essence, there is really no way to ascertain the best chair out there unless you experience each on. But these factor will help you to start somewhere.