Do This Before You Buy a Coccyx Cushion

Do This Before You Buy a Coccyx Cushion

If you have just heard of the pain relief that a tailbone cushion can provide, you probably want to run and buy it. However, before investing in any mattress, it is important to consider your diagnosis. Remember that the cause or cause of your coccyx pain can provide valuable information that you can use to make the right decision when you first purchase.

Before buying a tailbone cushion, try to determine whether your pain will be temporary or long-term. The reason this matters is simple: you want to invest in the most durable and quality pillow you can if your pain is chronic or prolonged. 

If you recover from bruises or injuries, quality will remain important.

But you can avoid investing in the strongest, most durable and most expensive pillow options.

It is also important to understand your diagnosis before buying a pillow, since the type of pillow may not be the best for your unique condition. For example, you may need not only a pillow for coccygeal pain, but also one that provides lumbar support.

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In some cases, seat cushions can provide more than one type of back and spine support. Depending on your situation and your budget, it may make sense to invest in a quality ergonomic chair designed for lumbar support, and then add a basic cushion for the tailbone.

There is also the possibility that another condition of the back contributes or even causes pain of the coccyx, or vice versa. For example, if you regularly sit on one side of the buttocks to relieve pain in the tailbone, this inadequate posture can cause pain in other areas of the back, as well as in the shoulders. Using the coccyx cushion can eliminate the need for other types of special pillows or ergonomic chairs.

If your chair does not have adequate lumbar support, you need to improve your posture, you can sit so that you put unnecessary pressure on the tailbone. By fixing the lumbar support problem, you can eliminate the root cause of what ultimately manifests as pain in the coccyx. 

These examples make it clear why it is important to understand your diagnosis.

However, in some cases, pain in the coccyx is impossible to determine the direct cause. In such a situation, you should consider investing in a quality coccyx cushion, which seems to help people with chronic illnesses. Thus, if it turns out that your pain is chronic, you will be well prepared with a pillow that is effective in eliminating pain, and it is long-lasting.

Some tailbone pads offer more than the ability to “swim” the tailbone while sitting, thereby relieving pressure. They can stimulate muscle relaxation or posture correction. Materials and designs can offer variable or adjustable levels of support that you can control as your condition improves.


Obviously, if you expect your condition to be more or less permanent, it is possible that customization is not a big problem. On the other hand, if you are recovering from injury, you can assess the ability to adjust the pillow as your condition improves.