Essential Accessories Every Biker Should Have

The popularity of bicycles as a form of exercise has paved the way for the increase in the number of bike accessories. Given the variety of options, choosing cycling accessories can be a tricky one. The truth of the matter is that you do not need all these stuff when riding your bike. There are some essential items, however, that you need to consider when you buy cycling kit. Here is some of the essential stuff you need to buy to make biking safe and more comfortable.

A Quality Lock

If you leave your bike on the street, then you should invest on a quality lock. It is hard to determine how good a lock is just by looking at it. When looking for a lock for your bike, look for one that is D-shaped with hefty armouring around the lock mechanism. The best locks will engage at both ends and make sure that they key is flat and not cylindrical.

Luggage for Your Stuff

Depending on the type of riding you are doing, you should find ways to carry stuff on your bike. If you are fond of riding around town, then you should consider a compact rucksack when you buy cycling kit. A bag offers the advantage of easily coming with you off the bike but has a disadvantage of making you sweaty.

A waterproof jacket

A waterproof jacket should be of the right fit when in riding position. It should have longer back and arms than a regular jacket. For safety reasons, look for a jacket with high-visibility color and reflective materials. The best jackets should be fully waterproof and breathable so you do not experience the boil-in-the-bag syndrome.

A Mudguard & Fender

If you plan to go biking on a sunny day, it is important to keep the spray from the road down. This is where the mudguard can be helpful. They can also help ensure that you do not get a wet stripe up your back. There are bikes that have mounts for mudguards and other that can fit bikes even without mounts.

Front and rear lights

If you will be riding at night or in the dark, front and rear lights can boost visibility and illuminate the road as well. Small and fairly bright light can be enough to make you visible to other road users. You can combine them with a reflector to boost your profile. The lights you choose will depend on where you go biking.