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The use of advertising gifts as part of a strategy “below the line” or in non-mass media is rampant due to the multiple advantages it offers. However, many companies have not known how to make the most of this crucial promotional tool. Maybe because they have not devised a sufficiently thoughtful strategy or because they have underestimated the power of these articles, using them as a complementary action and not as a complete or unique strategy.

Today we receive millions of advertising impacts that have stopped drawing our attention and are even annoying, but what if they gave us gifts?

The advertising or merchandising gifts are not only much cheaper than an advertising campaign in mass media, but they also generate a more direct impact on us. That is, a person who watches an ad on television may be using your mobile at the same time or doing any other activity, so the most likely is that you do not get to capture the message of the advertiser, plus it will seem intrusive. A well-chosen personalised gift will accompany us daily (USB, key ring, etc.) and the brand will occupy a place in our mind (branding strategy). From the corporate gifts supplier malaysia you will have the best deals now.

If you have finished in this post, you may not have achieved your goals through strategies with promotional gifts or that you are looking for a personalised gift company. In this article, we will tell you how you should choose and use the company gifts and based on what criteria you should select the company of personalised gifts for the advertising of your company.

What are personalised gifts?

Personalised gifts are tangible objects that are used as a means of promoting a product, a service and even a brand. These articles imply intangible values ​​by which they are associated with the organisation. Personalisation is a differentiating service offered by companies dedicated to the design and manufacture of personalised gifts.

  • This is to maintain consistency. It is advisable to choose the products that are most in line with your brand, among those that the company puts at your disposal. When I talk about the products you can choose from, we mean that this type of company has a wide range of articles, models, formats, colours, etc. You can find from everyday items such as pens or notebooks; technological products such as USB or external batteries and even items for events such as wedding details, baptism details or communion details.

Once chosen, it is customary to personalize or customize it through the printing of your corporate identity (logo, trade name, slogan, corporate colors, etc.) and the choice of formats, sizes, etc. since when you make a gift, it seems unusual that the person who receives it knows from whom it comes.