How To Pack Your Bags For Baby Delivery At The Hospital

How To Pack Your Bags For Baby Delivery At The Hospital?

When you have reached the end cycle of your pregnancy, you have to prepare yourself to go to the hospital and deliver your baby safely. When you are preparing to go for the hospital, you know that you have to stay there for a few days. You have to pack to deliver the baby, stay for a few days in the hospital and make a trip back to home. The following is a complete guide on what are the things to pack for the hospital starting from comfy clothes for delivery to going home outfit for mom, everything is included below.

For Delivery Of The Baby – You should take a few towels and a few plastic bags in case you throw up. When it comes to dresses, you should take loose fitting dresses. You will get hospital gowns during the delivery time. You should also carry a robe so that it becomes easy to put on and off. As far as foods go, you should take protein and carbohydrate-rich items. It could a few sandwiches, fresh fruits and other stuff that you like but won’t harm you in any way. You should also include some energy drinks to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Having some sour hard candies can help during labor pain.

going home outfit for mom

For Hospital Stay – Since you are going to stay in the hospital for a few days, it is better to pack some of your favorite items so that you can relax and sort of enjoy your stay. You have to stay as comfortable as possible. You can take your favorite toiletries like shampoo, conditioners, soaps, and likewise. You can also carry body lotion if you have a dry skin type. Carry some underwear sets because you will be in hospital gowns most of the time. In addition, you can carry some loose pajamas. Apart from yourself, you can carry some outfits and blankets for your newly born one.

For Coming Back Home – You have to pack a going home outfit for mom. Make sure you have some good baby clothes too because all attention will be on the baby. There are maternity pants available, and you can take socks and flat shoes. You can also bring your makeup kit if you want to look super awesome when you return home. You have to check that you are carrying back everything you brought. It is better to carry your baby in a receiving blanket so that everyone can carry him or her comfortably.

It is better to plan everything beforehand and leave accordingly. If you leave it for your husband to do all the packing, he is surely going to make a mess and forget important things. Therefore, you should pack everything as per the days you have to spend in the hospital and make your way back home.