Top Deadpool Toys To Own

Deadpool definitely is the newest marvel you should own— in fact, he is the newest marvel favorite by kids, and even kids at heart.

If you all still did not know who Deadpool is, well let me tell you a little bit about this new superhero.  He is basically the one superhero who is imposing a black and red costume, covered in God knows how many pouches, and wielding with two swords. He basically started as a contract killer to assassinate cable and x-force.

What makes him the superhero, out of the world skills, is his body’s ability to shipped back to its form even after how many slices and wounds he’d been into. Deadpool definitely is the dark, brooding and menacing in a way that seemed familiar for its fans and televiewers.

That sums up for a little Deadpool get to know.- now let’s see what deadpool toys you should really have owned to prove your Deadpool fan itself.

Top Deadpool Toys to Own

 Most likely, with having the Deadpool movie around the corner, it’s definitely the perfect time to round up some of the best Deadpool toy to own. Basically, everyone loves this Merc with a mouth and he has some great toys and figures that are, just like him, ridiculously cool too.

Here are top 5 Deadpool toy you should own.

1 Kotobukiya Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX Statue (X-Force Version)

This deadpool toy is one of the coolest looking iterations of Deadpool. It’s a Deadpool in a silver and black suit rather than the usual and iconic red and black that we usually see him in. this Kotobukiya is a company that’s well known for creating quality figures, especially their ArtfFX+ line of statues. When they decided to design for a Deadpool figure, their fans eventually got thrilled and excited. Seems like what they’ve been excited for is really worth the wait.

2 Diamond Select Toys Deadpool Action Figure

This diamond select deadpool toy is also known for being one of the high-quality action figures ever designed for Deadpool. This figure has 16 points of articulation on a deluxe base. It is sculpted by the famous Gabriel Marquez. It also stands in 7 feet tall. And basically, it has the iconic red and black version of the mercenary.

3  Funko Deadpool Fabrikations Plush

Well, don’t forget some plush deadpool toys. The Funko Deadpool can stand up on its own, and it’s over 6 inches tall. The head even rotates slightly and comes with his sword.

4 Rubie’s Classic Muscle Deadpool Costume

Well, it seems likes playing dress-up isn’t for the weekends and holidays too. If you’re into cosplaying then you definitely have to check out this Rubie’s muscle chest Deadpool costume. This perfect for the Halloween if you’re feeling like Deadpooling.

5 Funko Pop Rides: Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck

Oh, wait! A deadpool toy collection wouldn’t be complete without his truck! Your last deadpool toy pick would be this Chimichanga truck—