What Gadgets to Give Your Freshman

So, your kid’s heading off to college. It’s a major adjustment for both of you. Likewise, you’re both worried about what the future holds. Nonetheless, you want to make sure your child has everything he or she needs to do their best in college.  So, why not add a few gadgets guaranteed to give them a good start during their freshman year and beyond.

Bear in mind, the list includes a mix of items they can use for their study, recreation, and sustenance. Best of all, you can get great deals if you check out all the offers at dealvoucherz for any of the following items.

Small but Practical

Give your child a Bluetooth tracker. It’s small yet your child will be thankful for it in case his or her phone is misplaced. With so many things going on at college, there’s a lot to deal with. Yet it doesn’t have to mean he or she loses her phone. It works by connecting to an app on the phone. It starts to beep once the device is connected to gets out of its range. Likewise, you can attach the tracker to a wallet, a set of keys, or a backpack.

Safety First

Your child’s safety should come first. Thus, make sure to pack a heavy-duty torch into their baggage. Its handy size won’t make it cumbersome to put into your back pocket. So, chances are your child wouldn’t mind bringing it along during night classes. Even if they’re on campus, it’s still best to be safe than sorry. It’s also nifty to keep by their bedside in case of an emergency.

Tech Gadget to Keep Fit

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by college life during the first year. A fitness tracker is a cool gift for your child to remember when it’s time to get up from their chair and stretch. As a wearable gadget, it’s trendy. Hence, your child wouldn’t mind wearing it all the time. Check out all the offers at dealvoucherz for other wearables.

A Cooking Gadget to Make Sure Your Child Eats

Give yourself some relief from worry by getting your child a toastie machine of their own. The beauty of this gadget is it doesn’t require exceptional cooking skills to get a hot meal in hurry. Thus, you can sleep well at night knowing your child ate something other than fast food.

Consider any or all these gadgets for your freshman to take with them to college. You’ll be happy you did.