You Have To Walk Before You Can Run

You Have To Walk Before You Can Run


The New Year dawns and you have decided that you have spent enough years lying on the sofa eating chips and watching you favourite TV show. It is time to start some physical activity. You decide to start walking and you run to the sports store, on your mobile phone and order a pair of tracks and shirts. You then google, “ the style shoes For Men” but there are thousands of google results and you have not but the slightest clue as to select which one. Well there is really nothing much to it. There are very few factors involved when selecting walking shoes and they are base comfort, durability, and adequate support for the intended use.

  1. Comfort

Base comfort of any footwear is to provide some cushion between the point of force applied (your feet hitting the ground when you walk) and the reaction from the ground into your feet. When this cushion is good then the force transferred from the ground will be absorbed by footwear making your activity that much more easy. Regular formal shoes do not do this as they are sturdy and stiff that is meant for formal occasions. A good pair of walking footwear will be soft and pliable with absorbent material that is meant for force absorption. A good pair of Brook Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes, or a simple Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker will do the job.

Best Walking Shoes For Men

  1. Durability

No walking shoes is best unless it lasts for a considerably amount of time. You can dish out thousands of dollars and get the top of the line shoes only to find out that they are not so long lasting as they should be for the price. The online stores may list the top Best Walking Shoes For Men but they have to last at the least a good 6 months provided average to moderate usage. The shoe that provides you with the best bang for your buck is the one to go for. Something like the New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe will suffice.

  1. Adequate Support

The intended purpose for buying these particular foot wear is to give you adequate support for walking. That is the main goal, which means that walking specific shoes that the key here. There are many differences between running and brisk walking so getting a pair of running shoes is not necessary. A great pair of walking shoes should have no interference with your walk and must provide maximum support to perform the activity perfectly with minimal pain and other issues.


Thus the best pair of walking shoes is not devoid of comfort, durability, and adequate support. These factors alone contribute to how well you get the most out of your walking sessions.