Engagement Rings and the Preferences

events that can happen in one’s life and many would like to mark it with a valuable gift that can be valued and cherished forever. It is also a mark of custom and carrying their legacy forward by handing over their families most treasured item. So many families do have a tradition of sharing a wedding or engagement ring that is been carried by their ancestors as a mark of love and trust.

History of wedding rings

It is said that the wedding rings are in trend many decades back and is said to go back almost 5000 years ago. Initial wedding rings were said to be made out of natural materials like hemp and papyrus which were also used to make accessories for both men and women. Only rich and royals were known to exchange valuable rings with precious stones in it. It is also said that kings and royals do carry their legacy with luck and love and pass them to their next generation. Wedding rings are made mostly in circles to symbolize never-ending love and faith. The left finger is said to be the place that can hold wedding ring as it has veins that directly connect to one’s heart. In the modern world, there are many materials and options available for people to choose from. Among them, tanzanite engagement rings are much more popular. This metal is one of the rarest metals and is in blue or white color that is preferred by many people after sapphire and diamond. This metal is found in surplus in northern Tanzania and is said to be one of the expensive varieties.

What is preferred and why

Though there are many metals. Diamonds and sapphires are most preferred ones. But both of them are bit expensive and known to be used by only rich and royals. For a normal person, these stones are very costly in earlier days and not affordable. But the trends have changed now. Many people have the tendency to afford for these rings and they also wish to try new ones. Tanzanite is one such metal that is been experimented by couples now. It is remarkably strong and can appear in sapphire blue or like white crystal according to their crystal nature. When subjected to florescent light, the blue color appears predominantly than other colors. In its raw state, it is reddish brown in color.

Valuable gems and their role in wedding

Also, aquamarine engagement rings have become popular and it has its own history. Many people prefer blue shades in multiple combinations and sapphire can be too costly and may not be affordable for many. For them, these aquamarine rings come as a savior. Buyers can choose the shade of blue they want in these stones and most of the valuable stone comes from Brazil. It is also said to be available in other countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Sri Lanka etc., but has now been most popular among other precious stones.  Many people do confuse this to be a part of Diamond family, but this is a variety of beryl. This is one among the top 4 rich precious stones in the world.